81 percent find mobile ERP software interface important according to IFS North America study

In the study of more than 281 manufacturing executives conducted with analyst firm Mint-Jutras, 13 percent of respondents said the mobile interface was the most important consideration when selecting enterprise software while 68 percent said it was as important as other software features.

Respondents also shared their thoughts on how much access to enterprise software they are currently afforded on their smart phone or other mobile device, the impact the ability to work from a mobile device would have on their work habits and which smart phones and other devices they are currently using or plan to use in the future.

IFS is currently taking a leadership position in mobile access to enterprise software with its Touch Apps initiative, which makes available to users of the IFS Applications enterprise suite a growing portfolio of smart phone applications that connect to IFS Applications through Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud.

“We will have our users try out different IFS Touch Apps at no cost,” IFS AB Chief Technology Officer Dan Matthews said. “The goal is to offer a series of applications that facilitate the type of tasks that people really need to perform while they are ‘on the go’ – in taxi cabs, on airplanes, between appointments and in other situations where logging into an enterprise application with a laptop is impractical.”

The study, “IFS ERP Mobility Survey; Overview and Projections on Remote Access to Enterprise Data,” can be downloaded at

Artikel vom 12.07.2011

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