TÜV NORD chooses IFS Cloud Service Management with PSO to enhance route and deployment planning to drive digitalization and sustainability

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that TÜV NORD, one of the leading service providers in the field of technical inspection services, has selected IFS Cloud Service Management with Planning and Scheduling Optimization (PSO) to enhance its Mobility Business Unit. The strategic move will drive the digitalization of TÜV NORD’s operations and improve sustainability by optimizing processes.

IFS Cloud will enable TÜV NORD to optimize its route and deployment planning, use resources more efficiently and reduce its environmental footprint. Implementing the solution will also provide TÜV NORD with AI-driven predictive analytics embedded in the service management software, ensuring optimal resource scheduling to maximize business efficiencies. IFS’s AI-powered PSO solution will automate processes more efficiently and enhance real-time monitoring, minimizing downtime and potential bottlenecks while improving SLAs.

Hartmut Abeln, CEO of TÜV Mobility, said: "Through our collaboration with IFS, we will be able to take our route and deployment planning services to a new level. At the same time, our partnership with IFS emphasizes our commitment to sustainability, highlighting our proactive investment in new and innovative technologies in order to work more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way."

Combined with IFS’s deep service industry expertise, the integration of the software will ensure that the user experience is customized to the needs of TÜV NORD employees and its various scheduling departments. Moving to IFS Cloud will not only drive efficiencies across TÜV NORD operations but also help empower its employees to extend their involvement in the digitalization process and enhance their expertise. By adopting this holistic approach, TÜV NORD will future-proof its organization, equipping its staff with the knowledge and skills required today and in the future.

Michael Ouissi, COO of IGT1, emphasizes the benefits of the joint efforts: "The implementation of IFS Cloud with PSO is a significant step for TÜV NORD in their journey towards digitalization and sustainability. Our solution will help to optimize TÜV NORD's processes and ensure that its resources are used efficiently and sustainably." Ouissi adds: "TÜV Nord will also benefit from the integration of our innovative AI architecture into all our products with the latest IFS Cloud release. This makes it possible to use artificial intelligence across the board to simulate, optimize and automate business processes, which leads to accelerated value creation."

IFS partner Arcwide will be responsible for implementing the solution. Arcwide is a joint venture between BearingPoint and IFS that combines BearingPoint's world-class expertise in business technology consulting with IFS cloud technology and innovation.

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