Polygon International plans move to IFS Cloud for completion in 2025

IFS solution will help the property damage restoration giant ensure scalability, efficiency, and positive margins across its operations

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that European market leader in property damage restoration, Polygon International, has decided to upgrade its existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to IFS Cloud as it looks to digitalize its operations and scale its technology platform to support its strategic growth plans.

Polygon is currently undergoing a business transformation and is focused on strengthening its market position through organic growth and targeted acquisition. To support this approach, the company needs enterprise software that will enable them to respond rapidly to market opportunities and shifting customer needs. This led to the purchase of IFS Cloud, extending Polygon’s partnership with IFS, including migration.

Christian Wächter, Chief Operating Officer, Polygon, said: “We were looking for a solution that can provide us with the right information in real-time to rapidly acquire and integrate new businesses and scale our operation into new countries. But we also need a secure and agile platform to allow us to engage rapidly with customers when they need us in order to mitigate their losses and reduce their costs. IFS Cloud was ideally suited to both roles.” 

Once fully implemented, IFS Cloud will have more than 4,000 users at Polygon, located in 16 countries (13 in Europe in addition to Singapore, the United States, and Canada), with more expected to follow as the company continues to expand its global reach. Polygon’s migration to IFS Cloud is key to their ambitious growth journey as they expand and secure strategic resources. IFS is currently supporting finance operations at all these locations and field service management at many, depending on individual country manager needs.

IFS’s finance module is key to Polygon’s efficient day-to-day operations. It empowers Polygon to gain full financial data visibility, access accounting and transaction information in real-time, and eliminate manual errors to improve its financial operations and inform accurate decisions. It also delivers effective cash management and forecasting, enabling Polygon to make informed decisions for cash planning, and forecast for the short, medium and long term to ensure it can match future cash flows and plan for funding operations, as it grows.

IFS Cloud’s Field Service Management capability will enable Polygon’s service technicians in the field to access crucial customer data and create service reports directly on-site without having to go back to the office. While the mobile field service software provides real-time, direct connectivity between instant-on smart devices and Polygon’s enterprise servers.

In addition, IFS Success Services will give Polygon a bespoke success plan for their business, with ongoing success management and services sized to meet their business needs. The success plan will ensure that Polygon’s priorities are clearly understood and communicated, and it will provide a mechanism to capture opportunities for improvement as well as tracking and reporting progress. IFS’s product expertise and understanding of the company’s strategic goals will help contribute to Polygon’s continued success over time.

Elni Kullmer, President Europe North, IFS, said: “Polygon has highly ambitious growth plans but it also has the foresight to know that growing at pace depends on having the right technical platform and infrastructure in place to enable them to scale. That’s what we will provide with IFS Cloud.”

About Polygon

Polygon is the European market leader in property damage restoration, serving a range of sectors including insurance, property management, government and industrial clients. Polygon generated sales of EUR 970 million in 2021 and provides 24-hour coverage delivered by a global network of more than 6,400 employees in 16 countries. The company ensures a rapid, accurate response that mitigates loss and effectively manages cost for its customers. For over 60 years, Polygon has delivered best-in-class service, while its constant investment in our people, technology and equipment ensures that its solutions are proven, repeatable, environmentally sustainable, results-oriented and cost-effective. For more information, please visit

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