All for One Group SE resolves to extend the Share Buyback Programme

The management board of All for One Group SE (ISIN: DE0005110001) (»Company«) has resolved, with the consent of the supervisory board, to extend the current share buyback programme (»Share Buyback Programme 2022«) using the authorisation granted by the Company’s annual general meeting on 12 March 2020.

As part of the extension of the Share Buyback Programme 2022, up to a total of 100,000 treasury shares (corresponding to up to approximately 2% of the current share capital of the Company) may be repurchased via the stock exchange until 11 October 2024 – less the treasury shares already acquired as part of the Share Buyback Programme 2022 – at a total purchase price (excluding incidental acquisition costs) of a maximum of EUR 5.5 million.

As of today, All for One Group SE has acquired a total of 36,144 shares in the Company (approx. 0.7% of the share capital) at a total purchase price of around EUR 1.5 million as part of the Share Buyback Programme 2022. Around EUR 4.0 million is therefore still available for the continuation of the share buyback programme.

All repurchases will continue to be made by a credit institution within a contractually agreed price range. The repurchased shares may be used by the management board – in each case with the consent of the supervisory board – for all purposes permissible under the provisions of stock corporation law and under the aforementioned authorisation.

All for One Group SE further reserves the right to interrupt or end the share buyback programme at any time.

The Company will continue to provide regular information on the progress of the share buyback programme on its website in accordance with the relevant guidelines. Further details will again be announced separately.

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