Finnish construction giant Lujatalo selects IFS to drive agility and enhance insight into business processes

IFS, the global cloud enterprise software company, today announced that Finnish building contractor, Lujatalo Oy, is implementing the IFS Cloud ERP software solution as it looks to modernize its infrastructure and drive a competitive edge against the backdrop of rising raw material and energy prices. The solution Lujatalo has purchased will be implemented initially for Lujabetoni, the concrete manufacturing business unit of Lujatalo, with plans to expand the IFS Cloud footprint within Lujatalo moving forward.

The decision to implement IFS’s software came at a time when Lujatalo’s existing solution did not live up to the company’s needs and expectations. The current challenging market conditions made finding a suitable replacement increasingly urgent.

Lujatalo chose IFS Cloud because it provides users with real-time updates on the status of their business processes, enabling them to gain instant transparency, make faster and more accurate decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Coupled with that, Lujatalo was attracted by the solution’s open interface architecture, based on APIs, enabling it to efficiently leverage the existing business solutions it runs.

Lujatalo will initially implement the financial, supply chain management, electronic invoicing, circulation and partly manufacturing modules of IFS Cloud, with some other functionality like CRM to follow soon after. IFS will work closely with Lujatalo to ensure the smooth roll-out of the solution to 150 users across Finland, mostly within the finance and procurement teams, and will help monitor the results.

Mikko Isotalo, CEO at Lujabetoni, said: "We are one of the top players in our industry, whose strength has been based on, among other things, continuous renewal and the development of efficiency and profitability. We understand that staying there requires us to remain on top of our processes, make faster and better decisions and drive operational efficiencies. When it came to replacing our current ERP software, we recognized that IFS Cloud is the best option to support the business agility we were looking for. We are also confident that IFS will support it with the best possible service and support with a long lifecycle of the IFS Cloud platform."

Bjarne Baarman, Country Manager, Finland, IFS, said: “Lujatalo fully understands the importance of ERP software and sees it as the operational heart of its business. We were thrilled that they turned to us when they first started looking for a solution. They also appreciate that we have a local presence in Finland, through which we have built a strong, trust-based relationship over the engagement period.”

About Lujatalo Oy

Lujatalo Oy is a versatile building contractor with experience of the construction of residential, commercial and public buildings such as apartment buildings, shopping centres, business parks, schools and hospitals. Since 1970, Lujatalo has grown to be one of the most reputable construction companies in Finland. In addition to new construction, Lujatalo has long experience and holds the largest market share in building renovations. Lujatalo’s projects span across Finland from Rovaniemi to Helsinki with an average of 120 construction projects in progress every year.

Lujatalo’s team comprises over 1,000 professionals who take pride in delivering high quality in both new builds and building renovation projects. The team’s specialties include problem-solving skills, flexibility and attention to project management details such as cost effectiveness, quality and scheduling. For more information, please visit

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