Bucher Emhart Glass embraces servitization with IFS Cloud

IFS, the leading technology provider of enterprise cloud and industrial AI software, today announced that Bucher Emhart Glass, the world‘s leading international supplier of glass container manufacturing solutions, is upgrading to IFS Cloud to accelerate its adoption of a servitized business model and enhance customer experience.

Bucher Emhart Glass expects that the upgrade to IFS Cloud will enhance the consistent flow of information within its international business processes and strengthen transparency and processes relating to data across the organization. IFS Cloud capabilities will directly support the company’s ambitious servitization plan that aims to streamline operations for greater flexibility and assurance across the processes.

The importance of having a composable, cloud-based solution to achieve its goals was key to the decision to adopt IFS Cloud. By utilizing the added functionality of IFS Cloud Service Management, the company will also integrate process automation and predictive maintenance to increase productivity on its shop floor, enabling it to optimize the maintenance of its assets by identifying faults before they occur.

Reto Semadeni, CFO at Bucher Emhart Glass, said: "The decision to upgrade to IFS Cloud is a pivotal step in our ongoing pursuit of operational excellence and customer satisfaction. This transition is more than an upgrade; it's a reinvention of how we manage our processes, maintain our assets, and engage with our customers. With IFS Cloud, we are not just keeping pace with technological advancements; we are staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that Bucher Emhart Glass remains a leader in the industry through innovation and superior service delivery."

Bucher Emhart Glass will also be able to standardize its maintenance services with IFS Cloud, delivering maximal efficiency and driving predictably in its delivery of services to improve the customer experience.

Another motivation for upgrading was the ability to remain evergreen with IFS Cloud. This approach will create value for the company’s transformation, with immediate access to continuous software innovations and improved visibility and control as it identifies new business opportunities surfaced by data-led insights.

Frank Beerlage, MD DACH & Benelux at IFS said: "We are thrilled to see Bucher Emhart Glass leverage the full potential of IFS Cloud. This move not only marks a significant milestone in their shift to servitization but also underscores our commitment to supporting our clients on this very important journey. Bucher Emhart Glass are currently undergoing rapid growth and as such are experiencing increasing demand. IFS Cloud will revolutionize their operational efficiency, helping them to meet their customers’ needs now and into the future.”

Bucher Emhart Glass has also purchased IFS Customer Engagement, which will empower support staff to deliver rapid service and provide a smoother installed base customer journey for orders, spare parts, and invoicing.

The scale of deployment will include 1,000 full users across 13 sites, with Arcwide supporting the implementation. Arcwide is a joint venture between BearingPoint and IFS that combines BearingPoint’s world-class expertise in business technology consulting with IFS cloud technology and innovation.

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