MedTech company Bactiguard AB chooses Jeeves ERP system

Aug 16, 2011

Bactiguard, which has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, needed an ERP system that could grow seamlessly with the company. They chose Jeeves Universal. The transaction was arranged by Jeeves’ partner SYSteam.

The transaction is a bundled solution that includes accounting, orders, production, inventory and shipping. A total of 30 users are involved.

“As our growth has taken off both in Sweden and abroad, we’ve realized that we need an ERP system that can grow seamlessly with our group on both the central and local levels. We can accomplish this with Jeeves Universal, which will also be easy to adapt to future development in our business,” said Bactiguard Executive Vice President Ewa Ställdal.

Bactiguard offers solutions, products and systems that prevent health care related infections. Its product portfolio includes medical products such as catheters with a coating that prevents bacterial growth, considerably reducing the risk of infection. The company currently has a presence in 20 geographic markets, and it had approximately SEK 127 million in revenues in 2009.

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Artikel vom 16.08.2011

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