abas 360° - a successful start to a new era

Karlsruhe, October 5, 2011 – Participants from all over the world visited the Congress Center in Karlsruhe on September 22nd and 23rd to experience the premiere of the new abas 360° customer event by ABAS Software AG. Under the name abas 360°, abas Business Software users chose from 72 lectures in 9 role-base series of presentations, such as purchasing and sales, or topics for CEOs.

Highlights and innovations, trend topics and customer best practices were all part of the presentations. Round tables with experts and breakout sessions by ABAS Software AG, its partners and users offered in-depth discussions about topics affecting their everyday business. CEOs were also able to choose from a wide range of presentations, tailored to their needs. Discussions about the shortage of skilled workers, lectures on international ERP rollout procedures or best practice examples regarding multi-site solutions with abas Business Software, and many more topics, were presented in the series.

The new abas Business Suite is more than just an ERP system. In a live demo on the first day of abas 360°, all business processes, from sales and distribution to production and accounting were demonstrated in the software. This live demo also included further applications, which exceed pure ERP functionality but are required to manage processes. Business intelligence, DMS and eBusiness, also integrated into abas Business Suite, were demonstrated. This allowed for the creation of a customized workplace for every area of the virtual company in a role-based manner, right before participants‘ eyes.

Innovations in function areas
Attendees were also able to attend lectures on abas Business Software innovations in various function areas. For example, the new portal applications in purchasing and sales where information is bundled in a screen and the employee can trigger further actions from the screen or call numerous analysis.

The lecture on 'mobile applications' was also very well received. The mobile sales and service solutions, which support sales and service employees when visualizing and editing data, based on abas eB, were presented. The new logistics concept, NLK by Volkswagen, an industry specific solution included in abas Automotive, was also addressed at abas 360°. In the accounting area, many visitors were interested in the E-balance sheet which will soon be mandatory in countries such as Germany.

Around the world with abas 360°
More and more companies from non-German speaking countries are also among abas Business Software users. abas customers from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Hungary, the USA and more were among the attendees as well as presenters. Best-practices from various industries such as production, automotive, and electronics were showcased by customers like Rob Honeycut, Co-President from Saferack Loading Rack Technologies (USA). This allowed the offering for international visitors to be expanded.

`Face to Face Networking´
There were also many opportunities for networking and communicating with other users, partners and ABAS Software AG employees. Attendees exchanged experiences and ideas with one another in the breaks between lectures, the accompanying exhibition, the topic-specific round table discussions, as well as the relaxed atmosphere of the evening event at the end of the first day.

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